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“Take Me To Your Leader”

Don’t sell me your society and not ask me what I think,

Don’t tell me all the drugs are bad and offer me a drink,

Don’t tell me your God made the Earth perfect in every way,

Just to give it all to you to build hotels and motorways.

Don’t make decisions for me and pretend I had a choice,

Don’t ask for my opinion and then ignore my voice,

Don’t think you know whats best for me you haven’t got a clue,

You know about as much on me as I give a shit on you.


The Fifth Monkey

On a pale blue dot a long long time ago,

After all the monsters had frozen in the snow,

The fifth monkey climbed down from the tree,

He took a look around him and then straightened up his knee…

And said, “I could rule the world.”…

Fast forward a few thousand years or more,

The fifth monkey is now an instrument of war,

His lust for power outweighs his love for life,

And the only truth left in him is that none of this is right…

But he now rules the world…

Now as sure as tomorrow will one day be the past,
This monkey needs to change his ways if he ever hopes to last,
Cos if the monkey and the beast are forever intertwined,
Then why is my life not truly theirs and theirs not truly mine?…

Because then we’d ALL rule the world…


Where Am I?

Am I in the Universe or am I on the Earth?

Am I in my country or the town of my birth?

Am I in my house, my body or my brain?

Or am I in them all until they turn to dust again?


Global WARning

This place is filled with dangerous animals,

Murderers, thieves, rapist and cannibals,

You cry for a hero but there’s something you’ve missed,

It’s only the bad guys that really exist.

People go hungry cuz people are poor,

While people with plenty are hungry for more,

This planet is straining the weight of the past,

And things that we need are wasted too fast,

They told us and told us a million times,

A day would soon come when we’d pay for our crimes,

But it won’t be a God who’s deciding our fate,

It’ll be our stupidity, our greed and our hate.


“The Line”

Here’s a girl a cute female,

Lots of love but none for sale,

If she gives her love it’s all for free,

I hope she gives some love to me,

But if she don’t there ain’t no harm,

I’ll just go home and hurt my arm,

So walk away I don’t mind,

I’ll see you again if I don’t go blind.

Actually you’re lucky I’m talking to you,

Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do?

Yo baby I’m an astronaut,

Nah not really I drive a juggernaut,

Actually I’m a sports star, I drive a sports car

At weekends I play bass guitar with U2 and The Corrs in an Irish bar,

In the bank I’ve got a rake of cash,

I’m either a millionaire or a billionaire or just a pain in the ass,

I don’t know maybe I should just leave you alone,

It’s past my bedtime I should really go home,

Cos my mum’ll be worried and my dad’ll have a fit,

Cuz when you get to know me I’m a lying little shit,

But if you ever catch me out I’ll just blame it on the beers,

But the real reason is, I’ve not had sex in years,

I’m building up sperm like I’m a fucking bank,

I’d need training as a fireman just to have a wank,

So I’ve gotta try it on even though I know I’ll blow it,

But if you don’t call me baby, you could at least call me poet,

And before you come at me with a well deserved clout,

Lemme just say “Peace Ya’ll” and I’m out. 🙂

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