Fab Music Store Interview 20/11/15

So this is my first post as editor.. Let’s give this a whirl then.

On the 20th of November, Paul Gleave and Kierno sat for an interview with KedGy at Fab Music Store in Stockport. Video can be found below so give it a watch, it’s worth it..

Paul and Kierno answer a few questions about their careers in the music business and there’s also a few personal discoveries about the duo, we cover topics from talking about NTM Records right down to discussing the worst songs they’ve written.

Also catch the Night and Day Cafe interview, to be posted tomorrow! Sneak peek photo’s will be uploaded tonight 😉

Keep rocking Guys & Gals.




Here we go and here comes Khiya.

Hey to anyone who may be following this blog… Apologies for not updating very often but I’ve been busy… Ok… Drum roll… Bdddddddddd tish…. I recently got signed to a new Manchester record label called “New Talent Management” run by the awesome Kierno of local band Lazy Charlotte… Kierno has been amazing, some of the awesome plans he has for me make my head spin… We’re going to record an EP, I’m going to support his band on their tour, I’ve been on television, I’m going to be in the papers and on the radio too… Plus he has me booked into some of the premier iconic Manchester music venues like Apotheca and Night & Day… Everything is going blindingly brilliantly well and for that I would like to say a public big thank you to Kevin “Elvis” Murphy, Michelle Cowlishaw and Kierno for being the ones who finially showed some faith in my abilities… I appreciate all you have done for and I love you guys for it… I’ll do my best to be the person and performer you all seem to see in me… Thank you from the bottom of my bottom. 😉 …

I’d also like to thank my daughter Khiya… Who is now my personal photographer and videographer with her venture KedGy Photography… You’re cool babe and you make me proud. 🙂

Anyway… I’m gonna hand over the keys to this website to Khiya from here on out so I can concentrate my efforts elswhere… So Khiya babe… It’s all yours. 🙂 <3

Urmston Live Festival

I once again have to start with an apology for not posting anything for ages… Lazyness more than anything but I’ve been keeping busy too… Been playing a lot in Urmston recently and done a benefit for Dementure UK which was cool… The undoubted highlight of the past month or so has to be the Urmston Live Festival at Abbotsfield Park back on the 2nd of this month… It was an amazing day with some top performances from the open mic’ers and the more established stars alike… 70’s funk legends “The Real Thing” rocked the house and the T-Rex tribute band T-Rextacy were awesome too… I wrote a song especially for the occasion and it can be heard and viewed on the “Videos” tab above.

Various Places – Various Dates.

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve not posted for a while but I’ve been very busy and very very tired (I still am. lol.)… Everything is still going really really well though… It looks like I might have my own band in the works, it’s very much in the planning and talking about stage at the moment but it’s looking very good and I can’t wait to get it going… I also met a really awesome guy called Doug Brickhill who has a home recording studio and he’s very kindly offered me the opportunity to record a few songs for a CD that can be sold at the gigs I play, I’m looking forward to that immensely… As of next Friday the schools break up for the summer holidays and I’ll be off work for 6 weeks and I’m hoping to bring these amazing opportunities to fruition during that free time… The Urmston Live Festival is also imminent (Get your tickets here.), I am so exited for it, I couldn’t even tell you… I have something pretty cool planned for my appearance, I just hope it works out the way I want it to… Since my last post I’ve been having a great time playing at the open mics in and around the Urmston area with Michelle Cowlishaw and Paul “Mr Woo” Gee… We also had a really cool trip to Burnley for one of Michelles “& Friends” nights… It was during that Burnley night that I realised I need to learn some more popular cover versions as a tool for grabbing the audiences attention, so over the past week or so that’s what I’ve been doing… I’ve also written a couple of more radio friendly style songs myself to play as well, I’ll see how they work over the next few weeks… So yeah, everything is still awesome and still on track… Bring on the future. 🙂

PS: I also just wanted to say a semi-public thank you to my mum (Joyce Gleave) and my daughter (Rheanne Gleave) for sorting my life out for me once again…

Thank you so much, I love you more than life.

Urmston Mens Club- 03 July 2015

I had a really good night last night at the Mens Club in Urmston… My mum and dad, my sister her husband and various nephews, daughters and minions all came down to watch me play, which was awesome… John Grennan (My boss from work) also made the effort, along with Ken and Phil (Also work colleagues) which was really nice of them to show their support like that… I went on quite late which was a bit of a problem for my nephew Richard and his wife because they had to get back to relieve their babysitter, so unfortunately they missed my set… There’s always next time though… I had the idea to try two new songs, one I’d recently written called “I Got It Bad” and a cover version that was recommended to me by Michelle Cowlishaw called “Exactly What I Thought She’d Do” by Omar & The Howlers… While rehearsing these songs at home, they sounded fine but once on stage where I had to put a little more effort into the vocals than I would at home, I don’t think they worked as well as I’d anticipated but that’s no reason not to try them again in the future though… Faint heart never won fair lady and all that… You can watch my full performance on the “Videos” tab above… I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

The Venue- 30 June 2015

After the debacle that the new landlords of “The Fox & Hounds” created (That I won’t go in to here cos it’s really nothing to do with me) and the cancellation of the open mic in that pub, I went to a small but very nice little pub called “The Venue” on Rectory Road Lymm last night and had a really good night, with the usual and recently vagabonded Urmston open mic’ers… Earlier that day, I’d taken my black Fender semi-acoustic guitar (Black Betty. 🙂 ) to P.M.T. Guitars in Salford and had it repaired and serviced by one of their techies in the workshop and it plays like a new guitar now, I’m super happy with the results… So I took it with me last night to give it a run out and see how it performs in a live setting and I’m glad to say that apart from some minor string stretching causing it to drift a little bit out of tune here and there, (Which will stop once the strings bed in a bit more) it passed with flying colours… I’m playing a 45 minute set on Friday night at Urmston Mens Club and will be very nice to finally get to play a full set on my own guitar… Guitars are like beds in this respect… Someone lending you one while you’re without, is always awesome and gratefully accepted but there’s nothing quite like your own… Also, knowing that when I play the Urmston Live Festival, I can play on Black Betty and not on borrowed equipment is a great relief too… Yeah so I’m happy to report that things are still going surpirisingly very well. 🙂

Britannia Pub – 29 June 2015

Last night at the live band jam in the Britannia In Urmston was a bit of a mixed bag for me… The main problem being that I had partaken in some very stong medicinal plant smoke on the way down there which affected me in a very strange way, I really couldn’t think straight… The first few numbers went pretty much OK I think, then Paul Gee jumped up on the drums for “Gangster” which also went quite well… Then it happened… He said “Pick another song to do.”… My choice?… “Two Suns In The Sunset” by Pink Floyd… F**king “Two Suns In The Sunset” by Pink Floyd?… I mean where did that come from you dumb stoned prick? lol… I was expecting Mr Woo to play drums on a predominately acoustic guitar track, impromptu… Knob that I am… I mean he’s a top musician but there are limits. lol… Then I thought the Oasis song “Stand By Me” that I used to do a half assed version of years ago would be a good choice… Only problem, I’ve not played that for about 5 or 6 years and in my non-sober state I could remember neither the lyrics nor the chords and abandoned the song just a few chords in.. No worries though it was only practice and the songs after went alright… Anyway, watching the rest of the crew like Kurt, Dave and Steve tear it up was a joy on it’s own… A good night again but next time lay off the waccy baccy before hand Paul. lol. 🙂