Urmston Men’s Club – 27 June 2015

Just come back from playing the Urmston Mens Club in support of The Jailbirds… We had a few guitar difficulties, to say the least. lol… I managed to snap the 2nd guitar string in as many nights on Kevins guitar ( I snapped one at the Steamhouse open mic last night whilst performing “Hoochie Coochie Man”.) I swear, he’s gonna stop me using it. lol… I was able to play a couple of songs on the snapped stringed guitar and then Paul Gee kindly lent me his… Problem solved… Well, no… Unfortunately his guitar had a battery problem so it sounded distorted and started popping and crackling and generally not sounding very nice… Still I played on and got through a few more numbers until Jordan Drinkwater came to my rescue and lent me his guitar… Phew, problem solved… Well, almost… Unfortunately his guitar was tuned down to a lower key and that kinda made my vocals a little weird to sing… I got through it in the end and the people there were very kind and complimentary as always… The Jailbirds were awesome too and played some solid 50’s & 60’s covers (See them if you get the chance.)… The lead singer played bass too and I respect anyone who can do that, I tried it… Yeah, best leave that there. lol… Another great night though. 🙂

I’ve also booked to play a spot in aid of the Dementia UK Charity Event at Tudor Tavern. Peel Hall Road, Manchester Wythenshawe M22 5HB on the 21st of August 2015… I’ll be on about 11ish, it’s a great cause, so I’m looking forward to that. 🙂

I got a chance to talk to Peter Killick (One of the organisers for the Urmston Live Festival.) as well tonight and he informed me that I will be playing at about 5:30pm’ish on the 2nd of August just before The Real Thing take to the stage… Honours all round there then… Seriously can’t wait. 🙂

The Bird I’th Hand – 24 June 2014

I went to Kevin “Elvis” Murphy’s Open Mic at The Bird I’th Hand in Flixton tonight and played a few songs, some went very well, some went well and others not so much… Still though, I enjoyed myself a lot… Looking forward to Friday night now when I play at the Urmston Mens Club in support of a band called The Jailbirds… Yes, I’m there for that… How about you? 🙂

Fox & Hounds – 23 June 2015

Wow what a night last night was… I went to the Fox & Hounds pub in Davyhulme to play at Kevin “Elvis” Murphy’s open mic night and he informed me that the person who is organizing the Urmston Live Festival 2015 had been to one of my previous performances and liked what they saw… So I’ve been offered a spot, I’m not sure how much of a spot but there will be between 4,000 and 5,000+ in the audience so even if it’s only one or two songs it’ll be great exposure… He also told me that a guy who has a band that are playing at “The Urmston Mens Club & Institute” on Higher Road in Urmston this Friday night wants me to perform at their show too… Meeting Kevin has opened so many doors to me it’s almost overwhelming but still, they are challenges that I relish and look forward to… Onwards and upwards my friends… Onwards and upwards. 🙂

The Royal Oak – 22 June 2015

I’ve just had a really great night at The Royal Oak pub in Cheadle with the amazing Michelle Cowlishaw and inimitable Paul Gee… I also got to meet a few new friends too, which is always nice… Plus, I was asked if I could help compare an open mic night with Paul Gee in Michelles stead when she goes on holiday… I obviously jumped at the chance… So 8th of August 2015 at The Royal Oak, 22 Stockport Rd, Cheadle SK8 2AA… Come one come all, bring a tamborine and shake your ass to some damn fine music. lol. 🙂

Urmston Mens Club – 20 June 2015

I had the most amazing night at the Urmston Mens Club last Friday night (19th June), I played two short sets consisting of 3 songs in the first (“Hot Pursuit”, “Gangstar” and “What I Was Looking For”.) and 2 songs in the second (“Green” and “A Clean Bed”)… To be honest I didn’t think that the song “Green” went very well on my part, I should have done a song called “3am” instead, it would have fitted better into the set. That said though the reception I got was amazing and a little overwhelming. I had many people coming over to me and telling me how much they enjoyed it and that’s always a very nice feeling… I’m looking forward to the next one on Friday 3rd of July at the same venue, I’ll get to play a full 45 minute set then and a whole bunch of my family will be there to support me too… Should be fun. 🙂