Here we go and here comes Khiya.

Hey to anyone who may be following this blog… Apologies for not updating very often but I’ve been busy… Ok… Drum roll… Bdddddddddd tish…. I recently got signed to a new Manchester record label called “New Talent Management” run by the awesome Kierno of local band Lazy Charlotte… Kierno has been amazing, some of the awesome plans he has for me make my head spin… We’re going to record an EP, I’m going to support his band on their tour, I’ve been on television, I’m going to be in the papers and on the radio too… Plus he has me booked into some of the premier iconic Manchester music venues like Apotheca and Night & Day… Everything is going blindingly brilliantly well and for that I would like to say a public big thank you to Kevin “Elvis” Murphy, Michelle Cowlishaw and Kierno for being the ones who finially showed some faith in my abilities… I appreciate all you have done for and I love you guys for it… I’ll do my best to be the person and performer you all seem to see in me… Thank you from the bottom of my bottom. 😉 …

I’d also like to thank my daughter Khiya… Who is now my personal photographer and videographer with her venture KedGy Photography… You’re cool babe and you make me proud. 🙂

Anyway… I’m gonna hand over the keys to this website to Khiya from here on out so I can concentrate my efforts elswhere… So Khiya babe… It’s all yours. 🙂 <3

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