Various Places – Various Dates.

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve not posted for a while but I’ve been very busy and very very tired (I still am. lol.)… Everything is still going really really well though… It looks like I might have my own band in the works, it’s very much in the planning and talking about stage at the moment but it’s looking very good and I can’t wait to get it going… I also met a really awesome guy called Doug Brickhill who has a home recording studio and he’s very kindly offered me the opportunity to record a few songs for a CD that can be sold at the gigs I play, I’m looking forward to that immensely… As of next Friday the schools break up for the summer holidays and I’ll be off work for 6 weeks and I’m hoping to bring these amazing opportunities to fruition during that free time… The Urmston Live Festival is also imminent (Get your tickets here.), I am so exited for it, I couldn’t even tell you… I have something pretty cool planned for my appearance, I just hope it works out the way I want it to… Since my last post I’ve been having a great time playing at the open mics in and around the Urmston area with Michelle Cowlishaw and Paul “Mr Woo” Gee… We also had a really cool trip to Burnley for one of Michelles “& Friends” nights… It was during that Burnley night that I realised I need to learn some more popular cover versions as a tool for grabbing the audiences attention, so over the past week or so that’s what I’ve been doing… I’ve also written a couple of more radio friendly style songs myself to play as well, I’ll see how they work over the next few weeks… So yeah, everything is still awesome and still on track… Bring on the future. 🙂

PS: I also just wanted to say a semi-public thank you to my mum (Joyce Gleave) and my daughter (Rheanne Gleave) for sorting my life out for me once again…

Thank you so much, I love you more than life.

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