Urmston Mens Club- 03 July 2015

I had a really good night last night at the Mens Club in Urmston… My mum and dad, my sister her husband and various nephews, daughters and minions all came down to watch me play, which was awesome… John Grennan (My boss from work) also made the effort, along with Ken and Phil (Also work colleagues) which was really nice of them to show their support like that… I went on quite late which was a bit of a problem for my nephew Richard and his wife because they had to get back to relieve their babysitter, so unfortunately they missed my set… There’s always next time though… I had the idea to try two new songs, one I’d recently written called “I Got It Bad” and a cover version that was recommended to me by Michelle Cowlishaw called “Exactly What I Thought She’d Do” by Omar & The Howlers… While rehearsing these songs at home, they sounded fine but once on stage where I had to put a little more effort into the vocals than I would at home, I don’t think they worked as well as I’d anticipated but that’s no reason not to try them again in the future though… Faint heart never won fair lady and all that… You can watch my full performance on the “Videos” tab above… I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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