The Venue- 30 June 2015

After the debacle that the new landlords of “The Fox & Hounds” created (That I won’t go in to here cos it’s really nothing to do with me) and the cancellation of the open mic in that pub, I went to a small but very nice little pub called “The Venue” on Rectory Road Lymm last night and had a really good night, with the usual and recently vagabonded Urmston open mic’ers… Earlier that day, I’d taken my black Fender semi-acoustic guitar (Black Betty. 🙂 ) to P.M.T. Guitars in Salford and had it repaired and serviced by one of their techies in the workshop and it plays like a new guitar now, I’m super happy with the results… So I took it with me last night to give it a run out and see how it performs in a live setting and I’m glad to say that apart from some minor string stretching causing it to drift a little bit out of tune here and there, (Which will stop once the strings bed in a bit more) it passed with flying colours… I’m playing a 45 minute set on Friday night at Urmston Mens Club and will be very nice to finally get to play a full set on my own guitar… Guitars are like beds in this respect… Someone lending you one while you’re without, is always awesome and gratefully accepted but there’s nothing quite like your own… Also, knowing that when I play the Urmston Live Festival, I can play on Black Betty and not on borrowed equipment is a great relief too… Yeah so I’m happy to report that things are still going surpirisingly very well. 🙂

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