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(Copy & Paste Write Up)

Paul Gleave:

Is a talented blues/rock acoustic artist with

a great selection of amazing original songs and

some top covers from artists as varied as

Muddy Waters, Robbie Williams, Elvis Presley,

The Beastie Boys, Otis Reading and Prince…





I’m very proud to be a part of this… Changing perceptions one gig at a time. 😀

Adam “Copperstep” Snape and Paul “The Prince Of Party Town” Gleave

***Two Great Acts In One Great Show***

First he chills you out, then I rock ya socks off. 😀

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Back in 1988 my cousin Robert gave me an old 1984 Hits album he had done with. The very last song on that album was “Purple Rain” by Prince & The Revolution and I played it until the vinyl literally went smooth. The guitar solo at the end was like nothing I’d ever heard before and I knew I wanted to do that… So it started me on two journeys, one as a Prince fan and the other as a musician myself…

I bought my first guitar from a catalogue not long after (Just because it was purple.) and had 3 guitar lessons… £30 they cost me and all he taught me was the main melody line to “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals, I don’t even like that song very much… So I determined to teach myself to play… My influences were Prince (Obviously), Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton which eventually led me into the blues and artists like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson.

In the mid 90’s I enrolled at City College Manchester’s Arden Center in Northenden, Manchester on their Music Technology B-Tec National Diploma course which I finished and then progressed to the Music Technology B-Tec Higher National Diploma course… Unfortunately the break up of my relationship with the mother of my eldest children prevented me from finishing that course so I left it about 3/4 way through. I now work as a minibus driver for Direct Cars in Urmston, I do school runs carrying children and adults to school or college.


I live in Partington in south west Manchester, which is affectionately known as “Party Town” amongst the locals… In the past though, I’ve mainly been playing my guitar only to friends, family and the cat, as I have been raising my 6 kids on weekend access… I’ve enjoyed every second of it but now they’re all grown up and in April 2015 I became a single man again… Since then I’ve been having the time of my life, well, musically speaking at least. Lol… This is because of one night in May 2015, not long after my ex left… I was sat around bored, so (Even though I’d not played to an audience since I’d had a short spell going to local open mics in 2011), me and my daughter Khiya looked around for an open mic in the surrounding area… The one we found was at the Fox and Hounds in Davyhulme and it was being run by one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met…

Kevin “Elvis” Murphy is a local ex school teacher, Elvis impersonator and part time compare from Urmston and he offered me the opportunity to play small gigs at venues in and around the Urmston and Stretford areas and set me off on the amazing journey I now find myself on… I’ll be forever grateful… It was because I was a Prince fan from Party Town that Kevin bestowed on me the title of “The Prince Of Party Town” and I wear it with pride. 😀 … I play a selection of original songs that are proving to be very popular and cover versions that I like to play in my own style (See videos below and on the “Videos” page for more of that.)… Over the years that I was at college and up until just a few years ago, I used to record songs on my home computer using Steinbergs Cubase program. I produced, arranged, composed and performed an album out of these songs called “My Condition” which can be heard on the corresponding tab above… This album is not what I’m up to now and appears here only for reference.

2I was also verbally signed to a record label run by a local Manchester musician by the name of Kierno, who can be seen in some of the videos on this site but unfortunately due to creative differences, we felt it best to dissolve our partnership… Therefore I am no longer connected to him or his NTM Records label, although we remain good friends and still continue to work together occasionally…

I am now looking for new representation, any interested parties should please contact me via a private message on Facebook. Thank you.

I also own a full PA System and all the equipment I need to put on my own gigs now too, all I need is a venue… So if you are a venue owner or promoter and wish to book me then please don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook as well. Thanks. 😀

So that’s it really, that’s me. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to read this.

I hope you enjoy the music. 🙂


Performing Original Songs.


10 Of My Own Songs Recorded Live At

Voodoo Mondays, Sandinista Bar, Manchester 29-08-2016


01- Hot Pursuit 00:52

02- What I Was Looking For 03:28

03- Cool 06:27

04- They 08:58

05- The Devil And The Angel 11:46

06- The Raggedy Man 14:25

07- Reply 17:20

08- Hold Up Brother 19:59

09- I Don’t Care 22:34

10- A Clean Bed 26:00

Performing Cover Versions


10 Cover Versions Recorded Live At

The Green Room, Altrincham 29-09-2016


01- Let Me Entertain You- (Robbie Williams) 00:36

02- Fight For Your Right (To Party)- (The Beastie Boys) 02:01

03- Hard To Handle- (Otis Reading) 03:51

04- Wonderwall- (Oasis) 06:20

05- Trouble- (Elvis Presley) 10:35

06- Alphabet Street- (Prince) 12:51

07- Hoochie Coochie Man- (Muddy Waters) 15:15

08- Bring Your Fine Self Home- (Robert Cray) 18:30

09- Bad To The Bone- (George Thorogood) 21:24

10- Shake, Rattle And Roll- (Elvis Presley) 24:24

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